What could be the rumored April 2022 announcement

The Pokemon franchise is rumored to have an announcement in April 2022 that could be about Generation 9 or other games, each for their own reasons.

Last year was great for Pokemon The franchise because it was the 25th anniversary of Pokemon Red And the green Release in Japan. There were no plans for a full series spanning eight different generations of titles and plenty of side games at the time, however this year marked a major turning point for the series thanks to the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. tested Pokemon The formula has always had a character travel through a certain area to discover their Pokemon, include them in the Pokedex, and form bonds with these strange creatures by battling other trainers and trying to pursue the title of champion.

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after Pokemon Legends: ArceusSuccess and expectations hanging on the 9th generation Pokemon Games, this year could be another big one – especially with the rumored DLC for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This also marks three years since the last major title was released with Pokemon Sword And the shieldAnd many gamers believe that Gen 9 may well come this holiday season, or at least watch some teasers for next year. Amidst this noise, talk Pokemon The leak suggests that something big is scheduled for April, leaving what could be speculation.

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Pokemon games that could be announced in April 2022

In-game squad for Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Leaders

The supposed insider, who goes by Riddler Khu, shared two photos as evidence of what could be the April announcement. One depicts Looker, the other depicts Palmer. Looker is an International Police Detective who loses his memory as a result of being a “fallen”; Someone who travels through space and time, like many Pokemon Legends: ArceusIngo, who is a character from Pokemon Black And the White. On the other hand, Palmer is the boss of Battle Tower in Generation 4, as well as the father of Barry the main competitor.

The puzzle accompanying the pictures indicates that these pictures are supposed to look like something, but only if the players are not looking at them directly. This led to a number of theories, with some stating that it could have been a hint of Generation 9 through the combination of buttons on Looker and Palmer’s coats, while others stated that Palmer’s coat had the Japanese kanji for “king” on the back, possibly referring to ” Pokemon King and Queen” Generation 9. Other Theories Regarding Generation 9 Pokemon Games see titles as “Pokemon Sight and Touch” because the Looker’s primary sense is sight, while Palmer can represent the palm.

More theories are moving away from major versions, with Looker likely hinting at a comeback Detective Pikachu 2 On the Switch, and Palmer as a new file Pokemon Stadium game to let Pokemon Competitive scene to go beyond sword And the shield. It was also widely rumored that this year would be the last year sword And the shieldThe only competitive center domination around, so it’s new Pokemon Stadium The game could change that. Another possibility is that Looker is a directory of a file pokemon mystery dungeon A game or remake on Switch, while Palmer symbolizes an upcoming competitive advantage Pokemon Legends: Arceus While that.

The latter does not seem possible precisely because of the mechanics of the game, which is not entirely built for a competitive title and because Pokemon Legends: Arceus Lacks a wide variety of monster options. It’s not impossible Pokemon Fans will return to the Orre area from Pokemon Colosseum And the Pokemon XD: Dark Storm, However. There are many possibilities that the franchise could explore, and most of them make some sense, but fans will have to wait and see what happens.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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