What did George RR Martin do to Elden Ring anyway?

Elden Ring, so far, is pretty cool. I peddle through the lands among a cheerful steed on a horse, go aimlessly into any blind alleys I can imagine, and find a whale doing so. However, one of the things that has surprised me and has done since the game was properly revealed, is that this world objectively feels like one piece with the Souls Games.

It’s almost a distant memory now, but for the longest time all we’ve had from Elden Ring was a CG trailer and the promise of this collaboration between Game of Thrones author and writer George R.R. Martin led by Miyazaki. At the time, the HBO show had reached its somewhat divisive climax, but it was probably the biggest entertainment site out there. Meanwhile, the Souls series over multiple games has built a solid reputation for quality, artistry, and cutting-edge world-building. This was a match made in heaven.

Point: It wasn’t always clear that this was going to be a Souls game, and it certainly is. To be fair, Miyazaki said it would be somewhat similar, calling it in 2019 a “more natural evolution than Dark Souls,” but no one at the time expected it to be nearly as close in mechanics and spirit. This is by no means a bad thing, as these games are among my all-time favorites. But as I explore the “lands in between” and the “spirits” sign after the “souls” sign, in a world that clearly bears some narrative connection to what came before, it makes me wonder: Where exactly is George R.R. Martin’s hand here?

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Miyazaki says the pair had “many free and creative conversations… which Martin later used as a base for writing the blanket mythology of the game world itself.” Therefore he is responsible for the traditions of the foundation of the world. Miyazaki added, “This legend has proven to be full of exciting characters and drama along with a large number of mysterious and mysterious elements as well.” “It has been a great source of motivation for me and the development staff. The Elden Ring universe was built using these legends and triggers as a base.”

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