What do you do with the inverted Carian statue at Elden Ring

elden ring It has a lot of content to keep players busy. A large number of main quests, side quests, NPC interactions, level challenges and challenging boss battles work together to make the experience very satisfying.

Some missions tend to be more mysterious than the rest, though, and we’re going to talk about one of them today.

Karian Classroom

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The Carian Study Hall is a tower located in East Liurnia in Liurnia in the Lake District of elden ring. The reason why this place is so important is because it holds a mystery. Upon entering, the place looked like any other regular players in the library had seen so far. Once players get far enough, they’ll notice an inaccessible upside-down platform – for now at least.

The secret to Carian Study Hall is that the tower is actually upside down. To access the upper areas of the study hall, players will need an item called the Inverted Carian Statue. There is only one way to get it and that is through Rani’s quest.

Inverted Karian Statue

After the Ranni series of missions, players will take through Nokron, the Eternal City. At the end of one of the tracks in Nokron, players will find the Fingerslayer Blade. Returning this blade to Rani will get Carian’s statue upside down after a few lines of dialogue.

Screenshot via FromSoftware

This statue must be returned to the Carian Study Hall and then placed on a pedestal in the first main room. In doing so, the study hall undergoes a transformation that ends up turning the entire tower upside down. This allows players to access higher, previously inaccessible areas of the classroom. Following this path will lead players to the path to the Divine Liornia Tower.

The inverted Carian statue is the only way to get to the Divine Liornia Tower. After getting there, players can traverse the path, defeat a small boss at the Godskin Noble, and then climb the tower to the top to get the Cursemark of Death from Ranni’s original, discarded body. Performing this action links Ranni’s mission to Fia’s mission as well.

Completing Ranni’s mission is also key to ending the game and unlocking the special Age of Stars ending, achieving an achievement in the process. Likewise, ending Fia’s mission will open another special ending related to the Prince of Death, ushering in a new, darker age where death returns to the cycle of life once again.

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