What is the Elden Ring and why is it so popular?

So, all your friends are obsessed elden ring, but you have no idea what it is, do you? Do not worry, distorted foul. We’ll have you fight false illusions and craft the finest quality steel in no time.

What is an elden ring?

elden ring is a dark fantasy role-playing game (RPG) from FromSoftware, the makers of the popular game Evil spirits series. It was quickly snapped to the top of many ‘Most Expected’ lists when it was revealed in E3 2019mainly due to Game of thrones Author George R.R. Martin was implicated. Yes, instead of finished Winter winds And the Spring dreamMartin went on to work on video games quite a bit — much to the chagrin of book geeks everywhere.

This is the idea of ​​the elevator elden ringWe’ll go into more detail later, but first, let’s talk about critical reception! Honestly: elden ring she is one from Best video game ever By most quantifiable scales. Look at the sea of ​​perfect review results from different outlets below to see what we mean.

GLHF’s Kirk Mackind was similarly glowing For review elden ring here ForTheWin.

“Elden Ring “The world is frighteningly vast,” McCind said. “But despite spending all this time working it out for the review, I can’t wait to come back to see more of it unfold.”

It might not sound like a huge compliment, but trust us – when you’ve just spent 50 hours or more on a video game reviewing, you usually don’t want to indulge in more time unless it feels incredible.

Now let’s learn a little more about FromSoftware, share George R.R. Martin, and how you can start playing it elden ring.

FromSoftware is a Japanese video game studio responsible for titles such as blood borneAnd the Sekiro: Shadows die twiceand the Evil spirits series. While FromSoftware has been making games since the mid-nineties, it became especially well known once demon souls It came out in 2009, it can be said Elden Ring Loans. demon souls It quickly became a fan favorite due to its great design, great esoteric storytelling, and incredibly challenging combat – that last part is key when discussing the setting Elden Ring The noise came from. gave a lot demon souls Heaps of praise for being powerful yet rewarding, like classic Nintendo Entertainment System titles like Contra or Battletoads.

With every major release after demon souls Out, FromSoftware’s notoriety and stature grew, culminating in Elden ring.

Martin co-wrote a lot of Elden Ring The World with director Hidetaka Miyazaki. The two couldn’t be more different in terms of how the stories are told. Martin is known for his meticulously detailed plots, while Miyazaki likes to leave a lot to fan imaginations. In an interview with New YorkerMiyazaki explains how he placed certain limitations on Martin so that FromSoftware’s design was still basic Elden Ring a story.

“In our games, the story should always serve the player experience,” Miyazaki said. “if [Martin] Writing the story of the game, I would have been afraid we would have to walk away from that. I wanted him to be able to write freely and not feel restrained by an obscure mechanic he might have to change in the development process.”

Later in the interview, Miyazaki explained that he and Martin became good friends while working elden ring Despite the language barrier and age gap. Greatness recognizes greatness, you know?

This part is easy. The good news for you is elden ring Available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam. Beware of potential adventurers elden ring Very difficult at some points. Thank you , GLHF It contains a lot of useful guides that will make exploring the lands in between a breeze, such as:

There is a lot too. Verify completion elden ring wandering For beginners.

to do that. Now go ahead and take part in epic adventures!

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.


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