What would the Unova region look like in Pokemon Legends

between Pokemon Legends: Arceus And the pokemon scarlet and violetsound Pokemon Fans are eating well this year. It even makes sense that 2022 will be one of the best years for him Pokemon So far, but what really stands out is what could happen in the future.

Pokemon Legends: Arceusor just Pokemon Legends, is really a sub-right of its own. One game doesn’t make a franchise, and it only makes sense that there would be more Pokemon Legends Group games in different areas. Now, which region is definitely a question since there’s no real formula to follow here, but Unova – like Gen 5 – would be a good choice to follow Sinnoh’s Gen 4.

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Unova region in Pokemon Legends

biggest strength a Pokemon Legends The Unova game could come from its primary difference in the franchise: The Unova region is heavily based on New York. Of course, going back in time would likely mean skyscrapers didn’t even exist yet, but depending on how far back the game is, it would be interesting to explore a semi-urban area in a game.

Castelia City can serve as the base camp, but at the same time, it is a large enough area with a bit of urbanization, that can provide some fun exploring the game as well. A wide open area surrounding the camp especially if it is new Pokemon Legends The whole game goes like an open world pokemon scarlet and violetIt will be fun to see. It would be nice to see both Black City and White Forest, by some distorted interpretations, namely with Black City, the city could still exist in some aspects. Both will provide fun areas to explore in Pokemon Legends.

Actually, if Pokemon Legends Discover Unova, even if Black City and Castelia City were not developed, Relic Castle existed 2,500 years before the events of the game. Seeing it in its prime will go a long way in bringing Unova’s past to life. With these fundamental differences, it makes sense that the Unova region would have a unique environment for Pokemon Legends Toy.

Pokemon Unova that deserves a new time/space/regional variable

racist monkeys

Unova is also an interesting area in terms of Pokemon Games, as there are a lot of mysteries for the game to explore. For example, Klink and Elgyem weren’t seen in the region until 50 or 100 years earlier, so it would be nice to have more new Pokemon than regional variants. In fact, this could go on to add new legends – perhaps the legendary “city-builders” to explain Unova’s early urbanization or a fitting show, perhaps a new Pokemon title for Pokemon Legends: Unovain forming and/or demonstrating the original Dragon Pokémon that consisted of Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem.

However, regional variables will be present as indicated by the change of times. There are some good choices among the Unova Pokemon as well. A new look for Emboar or Serperior would be interesting, especially for the first if it became a four-legged. The Elemental Monkey Trio, Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour would be good choices because they play such a unique role in the Unova games as well. Munna, Darumaka, Scraggy, Trubbish (where disposal will be different), Solosis and more.

Unlikely, but Pokemon Legends: Arceus Annoying the older Electric Mouse Pokémon connected to Pikachu, Emolga, and other clones, the regional variation and older evolution in this section would fit in well in an Unova game as well.

Pokemon Legends Nobles will likely be a mainstay in any future spin-offs, but it’s hard to imagine new variants and what Pokemon would be chosen as a dispensable Pokemon, besides Frenzied Nobles. However, these will be our choices.

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Rideable Pokemon Noble in Pokemon Legends Unova

  1. Wyrdeer (standard ride) *
  2. Stutland (search trip)
  3. Gelescent (Water Riding)
  4. Crocodile (climbing trip)
  5. Not wobbly or gritty** (flight)

Another interesting idea for a Water/Flying ride would be to focus on Fossil Pokemon: Carracosta and Archeops. However, that will obviously depend on how he deals with these Pokemon.

* Likely to return as a mainstay

**Braviary would be the most obvious choice, but too many Rideable Pokemon might be something to avoid in Game Freak.

Frenzied Noble Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Unova

  1. Simisage / Simisear / Simipour
  2. puffy
  3. Escavalier
  4. Reunique
  5. Fulcaruna

Unova Pokemon Legends Endgame

pokemon black 2 and white 2

Pokemon Legends: Arceus It also has an extensive endgame, and it’s plausible that Unova will likely need to attract other legends to fill it in. It’s clear that Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem will have a major role in the story, perhaps introducing the original Dragon Pokemon to serving a role similar to Giratina in the story – at least in some aspects.

It’s also possible that Victini will have a big quest at the end of the game, while Swords of Justice and Meloetta can help fill out quests. Genesect has been changed by Team Plasma, so it will be interesting to see what this old Legendary Pokémon bug was before these changes. However, it is logical that most Pokemon Legends: Unova The game will probably be full of regional legends, trios and pokemon to come to the same note Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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