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With the number of items that can be obtained to upgrade your weapons, armor, and lives, it can be difficult to keep track of which items are being upgraded. Once you know what you need to upgrade your inventory, where do you find these items? The task is always difficult for any disfigured person who knows the frustration of scouring the lands in search of a simple smithing stone.

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On the Elden Ring, Grave Gloveworts are some of the hardest plants to find. You could even say they are the hide-and-seek plant for the lands in between.


Greve Glufort [4] Locations

Before you wander around in search of Glovewort, it is essential to understand the difference between Ghost and Grave Gloveworts. Ghost Gloveworts are used to upgrade Legendary or Stronger Soul Ashes, such as Mimic Ashes. On the other hand, Grave Gloveworts are used to upgrade normal Spirit Ashes like the Jellyfish you initially receive from Roderika. Upgrading your Soul Ash allows the Soul to increase their health, defense, attack power, and sometimes the number of lives summoned.

Grave Glovewort can be found all over the Lands Between, but you can only find specific levels of Gloveworts in certain locations. Greve Glufort [4] They can be found in 4 places, none of them are in obvious areas at that time.

  • Erdtree Minor Catacombs – Caelid
  • Caelid Catacombs – Caelid
  • Black Knife Catacombs – lornia lakes
  • Wyndham Catacombs – Altus plateau

While each location is in a somewhat tricky location on the map, players can simply run through the catacombs to collect the Grave Glovewort. [4] Then he left.

You can only get 4 Grave Glovewort [4]?

If you want to upgrade more Spirit Ashes and have already exceeded the limit of the Ghost Glovewort that can be found naturally in the Elden Ring, you are in luck! With Bell Bearings, you can buy as many Glovewort or Smithing Stones as you want.

Specifically, you’ll want to look for Glovewort Picker’s bellloader [2]. With this bell, you can buy unlimited Ghost Glovewort [4]And the [5]And the [6]! To find it, you must first unlock the peaks of the Giants Mountains. To do this, you must fight through the Leyndell Royal Capital and raise Melina’s Rold Medallion at the Grand Lift of Rold. Once you reach the mountaintops, head to the ruins of Zammour northeast of the lift.

Once you arrive, travel through the ruins until you reach the boss of this dungeon, the ulcerated tree spirit. Defeat the tree spirit, and you will get a golden seed and the item you came for, the Glovewort Picker’s Bell Stand [2]. Once you collect this item, bring it to the Twin Maiden Husks at the Round Table. You can now buy an unlimited number of Grave Glovewort [4]!

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