Where to find the Blessed Dew Talisman

The spells in the Elden Ring are very useful items that improve players with offensive and defensive passive abilities. There are hundreds of spells in the lands between; Some are better for specific builds, while others are more general and can be used no matter what architecture you’re rocking. For example, some spells will increase the duration/effects of spells, while some will enhance restoring stamina.

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One is class-specific, and the other has a very general use. The blessed dew spell falls into the general category. This is one of the best, if not the best early game spells you can acquire as you embark on your adventure to become Elden Lord.

Get torrent and pseudo chest

At the beginning of your journey, you will board your trusty horse, torrent. Once you have it, you will easily have access to the Blessed Dew Talisman. To access this spell, return to the location of Grace’s First Steps and travel to the Southeast. Keep moving southeast until you stumble across Sacrifice Bridgewhich will take you to one of your first new territories in the lands between and crying peninsula.

Once you cross the Weeping Peninsula, you will have to travel southwest until you reach return tower. There are a reasonable number of enemies guarding the tower, so make sure you’re careful sending them in, especially if you’re still low on. If you are having trouble defeating these enemies, you may want to bypass them, climb the ladder as fast as you can, and kill the enemy guarding the catapult. it’s your choice. From this point on, you’ll notice an innocent-looking chest at the top of the tower; Open the chest, and you will move to another place.

The sleeping giant and the spell of the blessed dew

When you’re done teleporting, you’ll find yourself far north in the late game zone, Lindell, the royal capital. Go up the stairs forward and make sure you rest in the bliss location (you’ll be glad you did). Before you run clumsily through the entrance in front of you, pay attention to the area in front of you; There will be a giant sleeping on the floor, and two platforms with stairs, one on the left and one on your right.

Once you are ready, Sprint to the platform on the rightOpen the box, and take the thing inside. Congratulations, you have obtained the coveted Blessed Dew Spell! But your task is not yet complete. Be aware of the awake giant’s movements because he may explode in your face before you can get out of the room. Leave your way and go down the stairs as fast as you can; The giant can’t follow you up the stairs.

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Blessed Dew Spell Effects

You now have the Blessed Dew Spell in your inventory; Nice! But what do you do? According to its description, the item “gradually restores HP.” While it may not seem like that big of a deal, there are many times in battle when you don’t have enough time to use the Flask of Crimson Tears, or maybe you ran out of it and had to defeat an enemy nearby—a perfect run. In these cases, Restores 2 HP per second It can become a crutch in your inventory, especially when stacked with items like warming stones or cook at your own A strange physic flask.

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