Why a gimmick meme is actually OP

elden ringPvP The meta is starting to stabilize, and building one has wrecked the competitive landscape. It’s funny that the design originated from a meme based on Sonic the Hedgehog (just in time for his new movie!), but make no mistake – it’s been heavily beaten and likely to deteriorate in the coming weeks. But what exactly is Sonic’s build, and what makes it so powerful? Well, it’s all about an electrically charged spool. No Emerald Mess Needed!

What is a file elden ring Sonic build?

Calling it “building” is somewhat of a stretch since it’s tied to a single move called the Lightning Ram Ash of War, which allows you to roll and deal lightning damage to enemies. It’s more effective in PvP scenarios where the move can be used to stun other players, making it impossible for them to fight. On the other hand, big bosses wouldn’t be surprised so easily.

YouTube’s popular HugeCharles uses meme intent to destroy other players.

Roll your opponents down to deal them damage, and they’ll fall in a jiffy. As shown in the video above, this tactic is very powerful because enemy players can do little to counter the maneuver.

copy file elden ring sonic building

The most important item to get your hands on is the Lightning Ram Ash of War.

This element was found to the east of the Stormcaller Church on the Atlus Plateau. You’ll need to eliminate the enemy scarab to get it, and it’s best to go around this location from the east.

The Lightning Ram Ash of War is found to the east of the Stormcaller Church within the Atlus Plateau. Bandai Namco

After you have the Lightning Ram Ash of War, visit Grace’s location to equip it with a weapon, then press L2 to use the attack. Keep in mind that Lightning Ram Ash of War consumes FP and stamina, so the higher your stats, the more you can spam to attack. If you are inferior, be sure to use our rune breeding method to become strong quickly.

Depending on your opponent’s stats, you’ll be able to take them out with just a few uses of your Lightning Ram, giving you plenty of wiggle room. You need to get very close to the opponent for the attack to actually work, but doing so causes great damage.

Aside from that, you can actually create a character that actually looks like Sonic, like the one shown above. It won’t change your stats, but being attacked by a player who looks like that is pretty intimidating, which is important for something, isn’t it?

Due to FromSoftware’s track record with elden ring As of now, this attack will likely be reduced in a future update, so enjoy it as much as possible. For now, you can enjoy completely annihilating other players as the most popular hedgehog in all the games (not that it has a lot of competition).

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