Why is Elden Ring’s Erdtree primarily a giant parasite

elden ringThe Erdtree can be seen across the entire land in between, looming over the landscape. At a glance, the tree looked like a glowing golden symbol of the Golden Order’s rule on Earth. However, the true nature of Erdtiri and the external gods who sent her into the lands between the gods are much more sinister.

Through a thorough investigation of the items and enemies associated with Erdtree and his mysterious past, players will discover that there was a different tree that was located in the central point of the elden ring. There are many clues that the Erdtree has been sent into the lands between the outer deities to act as a kind of parasite, outwitting a powerful and ancient tree to begin to infiltrate the land and its inhabitants.

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The Great Tree and the Primordial Crucible

Although players tend to believe that the Erdtree rules all beings and life within the Earth, there is evidence of life in the lands in between before the emergence of the Erdtree. The Root Resin item description mentions a tree other than Erdtree, called the Great Tree. Although this Great Tree and Erdtree seem to be the same, much of the game’s lore makes it clear that the Great Tree was a primitive tree comprising a crucible, which is defined as a melting pot in which different elements converge that interact to create something new. In the case of the great tree, the crucible is likely how the various life forms emerged.

The most informative knowledge about the Great Tree is found in the description of aspects of the Crucible spells, which are described as the elemental power of Erdtree’s energy and “the aspect of the Primordial Crucible, where all life blends together at once.” This description indicates that there was life before Erdtree was fused together. Although many aspects of this ancient time before Erdtree have been forgotten, there are still items and characters in it elden ring which prove that the Crucible and the Great Tree were of great importance to the lands between.

The characters who probably most vividly represent the Crucible are the Knights of the Crucible, who are few in number but present themselves as powerful opponents who possess aspects of Crucible spells and use them in battle. Omens and Misbegotten also have some connection with the Crucible, as their spirit ashes or fallen elements describe them as worshipers of the Great Tree. However, it is important to note that all of these types of enemies are either imprisoned, hated, or shunned by Erdtree worshipers for their connection to the Great Tree.

Any being who recognizes or worships the great ancient tree seems to remain distant from the rest of the world. The knot incantation, made from knotted remnants of the Crucible, describes the Great Tree as once a representation of a deity, but is now considered despicable and impure as the world progresses. The progress likely indicates the involvement of the Great Will in the lands between and the creation of the Erdtree.

According to Erdtree’s protection spell, “Initially everything was against Erdtree, but through countless victories in the war, he became the embodiment of order.” This description clearly shows that Erdtree was not a natural part of the world, but instead had to take control of the Earth by force, which likely led to the downfall of the Great Tree and its minions. The Great Tree and Crucible were overtaken by Erdtree, which meant that they were powerful forces that the outside gods wanted to control.

How does Erdtree affect the land in between

Most players know Erdtree as the ultimate destination for elden ring, which includes the Elden ring himself. However, upon further investigation, it appears that Erdtree is more than just a structure protecting Marika and the Elden Ring. The Great Will has sent the Elden Ring into the lands in between for a reason, and the catacombs that drive strategically deep into the ground make clear what the purpose of the tree is.

At the end of each underground dungeon, players find a room filled with tree roots with bodies intertwined inside. Based on the game’s lore, the spirit of all dying creatures has returned to Erdtree, which follows the fated-death philosophy established in the lands between the post-emergence of Erdtree. Essentially, the souls of anything that dies within the lands between the Erdtree Roots are carried through the catacombs and feed the tree, thus the Great Will. It is possible that the Outer Gods saw potential in the Great Tree and sent the Elden Ring there as an attempt to gain more power and control.

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Irdtari destruction

The outer deities appointed Queen Marica as Empyrean to function as their physical presence in the lands between. With the ancient power of the Crucible and her powerful allies, Marica defeated the dragons and giants who once ruled the earth, the latter of which controlled a fire that was able to burn even Erdtry. With the defeat of the enemies of the Great Will, Marika entered the era of Erdtree and established a system that kept the Great Will in check.

However, Marika eventually grows skeptical of the purpose of Erdtree and what it stands for, as she goes against the outside deities to shatter the Elden Ring. During this time Erdtree became weak, as Marika knew that the tree sucks life and that the flames of the Fire Giants Forge could destroy it. During this time, before the Great Will imprisoned Marika, the Queen summons Char again to the lands between the Earths and instructs Melina to direct the player to Erdtri so that they can become the leader of Elden.

As history dictates the victors, it is assumed that Erdtree and Great Will were the epitome of order and gave life to the lands in between. However, the opposite seems to be true, and Erdtree does everything in her power to stay in control and absorb the souls of the dead. at the end of their journey in elden ringthe player can either carry on with the command created by the Great Will or use the frenetic flame to drown Erdtree in flames and cleanse the world, thus merging everything together again as it was in the times of the Great Tree.

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