Why the stray might be one of the dark horses of 2022

TThe action-adventure genre has always been a staple in the industry, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to wane in popularity — not anytime soon at least. 2022 has been an absolute rollercoaster when it comes to action-adventure titles with the likes of it Forbidden horizon west After being released to rave reviews, others like Dying Light 2: Stay Human After they were released to a somewhat lukewarm reception they nonetheless managed to achieve commercial success.

However, among the barrage of these AAA titles lies the upcoming BlueTwelve Studio stray – Action and adventure game starring an interesting novel hero; screenshot of everything. BlueTwelve is a small independent studio that claims to be made up of both cats and humans, and Stray is the studio’s premiere title. After a bit of a delay, Stray is finally looking forward to being on his way to release next month. Suffice to say, it looks to be an interesting game – and it could surprisingly end up being one of the biggest games 2022 has to offer.

stray He sees players controlling a well-groomed stray cat who appears to have been estranged from her family, and ends up in a cyberpunk dystopia. Why the cat ended up here is a mystery that players will need to solve, which entails solving another long-standing ancient mystery and finding a way to return home to their loved ones. Of course, given the fact that our protagonist is a cat – BlueTwelve is unlikely to have much room for characterization – although arguably the cute, cuddly furball doesn’t need a well-defined personality and motives that are adorable and worth rooting for. Obviously, a cat can’t communicate with robots on its own – so a drone named B-12 will help the cat on its adventures – and there’s great potential to explore a growing bond between the two creatures.

As mentioned before, stray It is set in the distant future where the world is being overrun by robots. Looks like a cyberpunk dystopia would be fun to discover. The game looks visually stunning, and this can be attributed to the stellar visual design presented here. There is a stark contrast between the bustling neon-lit streets and the shadowy underworld of this city, yet the artists have managed to retain some continuity in many different environments. The walls are filled with various graffiti, the streets are filled with tons of puddles reflecting neon lights, etc.

While stray Not an open world title, the game seems to take place in large, open levels with a bunch of side paths and alternate routes that one can take to reach the goal. A cat is an intelligent creature, and as such – it can scale buildings and other structures with relative ease, and meticulously exploring these areas is more likely to yield some kind of reward, story beats, or information of some sort.

stray 2

This brings us nicely to the gameplay of stray. BlueTwelve’s first title is played in third-person and will see players explore the game’s iconic locations and complete quests for a group of NPCs that you find around the world as you slowly and steadily progress in your greatest quest to somehow get home. The bread-and-butter gameplay will entail solving puzzles and parkour across the environments, which while not revolutionary in any way – looks very fun with smooth animations that all blend seamlessly with each other. The developers have also added some neat flaws to the gameplay, such as your ability to scratch the sides of the sofa (why not?) and the ability to surprise people by catching them by surprise among others.

While stray It’s technically an action-adventure title that looks like it’s going to be really light on the action side of things. Players will start the game without any powers and will have to resort to creative strategies to avoid enemy encounters. The trailer shows multiple instances of this, where the cat can barely beat enemy encounters by jumping to higher points. But then, in retrospect, players will have access to what looks to be a violet-violet light that will make short work of enemies. We don’t know if there will be more options for sending enemies in the final version, but focusing on avoiding combat altogether seems like a great idea – and one well worth exploring to its fullest potential.

stray 3

Why stray It could become one of the biggest games of the year due to two main factors. The first is clear enough, release date and platforms. Stray’s development cycle hasn’t been the smoothest, and the blame can be at least partly on the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent effects on the gaming industry. Either way, Stray is slated to release on July 19 — which is usually a dry spell for video game releases. This gives BlueTwelve’s debut an ample amount of time to shine in the spotlight, which was also helped by the game’s cross-release on both PS4 and PS5. The cross version basically provides a large target demographic for the developer, which is really great for the potential sales numbers. On top of that, Stray will be available for free at launch to all PS Plus Extra and Premium members – practically ensuring that at least a large number of players will experience the game.

The second main reason is the fact that stray It is simply shaped to be a great game with a very popular environment. Games set against cyberpunk dystopia are repetitive, but highly predictable games that use that background as the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 movie They failed to fulfill their noble promises. While there’s no guarantee that Stray will be of significantly higher quality than other cyberpunk games, if it can deliver on what it promises – it may end up filling the void for countless fans eager for the same experience. To add to this, Stray’s gameplay and progression systems may be simple, but in the current market scenario where most releases are amplified with extensive skill trees and booted RPG mechanics – this simplified nature may actually work in strayHe preferred to help her define her own distinct identity.

In conclusion, the stars seem to be in line with BlueTwelve’s debut title. A perfect stage has been prepared strayNow, all that’s left is to deliver a game that delivers on its promise of an endearing action adventure featuring cats. Provided that BlueTwelve succeeds in doing so, stray He could become one of the black horses of 2022 and we hope with fingers crossed that he ends up being worthy of all the hype and anticipation.

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