Will Pokemon Legends: Arceus replace ‘traditional’ Pokemon games?

Whenever Nintendo and Game Freak release a new version Pokemon The game, you usually expect high sales at best and decent sales at worst. However, Pokemon Legends: Arceus It exceeded most expectations and appears poised to influence subsequent franchise entries. Of course, this raises an important question: Pokemon Legends: Arceus Really represents the future PokemonCan it replace the “traditional” mechanics from previous games from now on?

On the third of February, Nintendo of America tweeted who – which Pokemon Legends: Arceus It sold over 6.5 million copies worldwide in its first week. According to CNET, this is a real record-breaking performance, like Pokemon Sword And the shield It paid 6 million copies only in the first week. Moreover, in Japan, Pokemon Legends: Arceus It is the second best selling Nintendo Switch game of all time (via Siliconera / Famitsu). Admittedly, the race to the top is far from over, like previous titles, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And the shining pearlIt has sold around 13.87 million copies. Also, despite the initial slowdown, sword And the shield It surpassed that with nearly 24 million lifetime sales, and officially took the throne Pokemon Gold And the silver The second best selling entry in the franchise. However, there seems to be nothing stopping the game’s popularity, which is why some players may fear that its semi-open success may come at the expense of Pokemon The formula they originally fell in love with. But should they worry? Mostly not.

while the Pokemon The series has mostly stuck to a very convenient gameplay loop of using turn-based battles to catch/train Pokemon to catch/train more Pokemon, the franchise is no stranger to experimentation. Although most attempts to change a file Pokemon The formula has been converted to the corporate pop-ups, Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu! And the Evie! are not among them. On the surface, those games seem like a simple remake of yellow pokemonwhile players travel to Kanto to capture all 151 original Pokémon. Instead of battling wild creatures, the game copies the capture mechanic from Pokemon GO. New Releases Might Be the 8th Best-Selling Games on the Nintendo Switch, But It’s Not Even in the Top 10 Bestselling Games Pokemon games. It would be foolish to call Let’s go, Pikachu! And the Evie! A financial failure, but their sales numbers may not have convinced Nintendo bigwigs that games represent the future of the franchise, despite their tradition of the uber-successful mobile.

relatively, Pokemon Legends: Arceus It is much more experimental. Players can still catch Pokemon without fighting (although this time they need to use stealth, not just throw Poke Balls into a shrinking ring), and the game has a semi-open-world experience focused on exploration. Mythology: Arceus May lack many distinguishing features of Pokemon title, including gyms and competitive multiplayer, but the game has received great reviews and has a good chance of overtaking Let’s go, Pikachu! And the Evie! in sales. Even if Mythology: Arceus Originally meant to be an experience, Nintendo and Game Freak could easily decide it was worth a sequel or three based on fan reaction and revenue. This wouldn’t be the first time a major (and financially successful) franchise has happened.

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