Xbox Deals Open for Sale 2022: TA Team Picks

Xbox sales are always very welcome, but there’s something special about making huge discounts around a specific event; Deals Unlocked 2022 is one such mega sale. Here are the most important options.

Show season is over for now, but the Xbox Store will be hosting unlocked deals, the annual “E3” Deal Fest, for a little longer. Now that we’re no longer bogging ourselves down trying to cover all the action of Summer Game Fest, we’ve done our due diligence and vetted the sale of our top picks to share with you the sweet treat.

As Kes interferes with TrueTrophies and Heidi recovers from an overdose on Geoff Keighley, join Luke, Sean, and Tom on a bargain-packed journey filled with mythical, monstrous creatures thirsty for flesh and… canines enjoying a good nap time? Yes, it’s weird this week!

Deals from the latest Xbox sales

Luke – Dragon Dogma: Appearance of Darkness

Oh, look, Luke hits on Dragon Dogma again. Yes I am, and now that the sequel is confirmed, what better time to revisit Capcom’s action RPG again, especially while it’s a whopping 85% off? Yes, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen’s accomplishments are daunting, with estimates suggesting that completion can take up to 200 hours, so it’s a good thing the game has plenty to keep you occupied. Decapitating the mighty Hydra, climbing cyclops to give them a stab in the one eye, and layering spells to create stunning magical effects that still impress to this day, facing the indomitable ancient dragons that every generation around the world must help defeat. …it’s a rich and diverse game world and I’m eager to revisit it for myself to keep up the excitement levels of Dragon’s Dogma 2 while the inevitable long wait until we finally get to play it. It sounds a little tricky these days, but there’s a good reason this action RPG has a dedicated fan base – even though it was originally released ten years ago now, there’s still something so far admire.

Dragon's Creed: Appearance of Darkness

Dragon’s Creed: Appearance of Darkness

The critically acclaimed action RPG Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, now in 1080p with all previous paid add-ons.


Sean – Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

“Looks like you could use a ham bun!” It’s been a hot moment since I’ve played Sleeping Dogs on PS3, and given that it’s just a little off the definitive version in the Deals Unlocked sale, it’d be silly not to get it to play again on Xbox. I have fond memories of running through the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong’s open world, beating thugs with martial arts skills that usually lead to some very brutal takedowns. In Sleeping Dogs, you play as Wei Shen, an undercover brass who is trying to bring down the Triples from within. The story, while pedestrian and simple from my incredibly brief duet out there, is bloody sublime, and I promise you’ll have it in control after just a few hours — and that’s largely due to the excellent voice acting and writing. In terms of gameplay, the combat, while lacking in depth, is very satisfying and is only enhanced by the brutal environmental finish. Pair this with a progression system that feels rewarding consistently, and you’ll have a gameplay loop that will keep you coming back over and over again. All of this is played out in a great representation of the lively open world of Hong Kong, with pedestrians going about their daily work, offering you pork buns or pulling out their phones to photograph you when you cause a ruckus. Sleeping Dogs: The Ultimate Edition is on sale this week for $4.49 / £3.59 / €4.49, which is an absolute bargain, especially considering that a pint in London the other day cost me £9.50! I tell you the look on my face…looked like I could do with a ham bun.

Sleeping Dogs™ Ultimate Edition

Sleeping Dogs™ Ultimate Edition

You are Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to wipe out the notorious Triads from within.

The definitive edition of the award-winning open world action adventure, rebuilt and refined for Xbox One.

With all the previously available content included from the X360 and a slew of new improvements, Hong Kong has never felt so much alive.


Tom – Dying Light 2: Stay Human

As Techland says goodbye to Dying Light and ends seven years of support with the game’s definitive release, now is the perfect time to travel to Villedor and experience Part Two, Dying Light 2: Stay Human. With the world being a place for coincidences – well, good. With the world a place for great marketing strategies, Dying Light 2 is on sale for the first time, and it’s worth every penny. You play as a new hero named Aiden, who is searching for his missing sister in one of the last remaining cities after the Harran virus wiped out civilization as we know it. The world has plunged into the modern dark age so many things are back to basics where resources like gasoline, electricity and firearms are all gone.

I really enjoyed my time in the game, and I think you will too; Especially if you are a fan of its predecessor. Check out Dying Light 2: Stay Human review for a deeper look, or just pick up the game for yourself while you swing at 33% off. Techland said it plans to support the game for at least five years, so think of it as an investment!

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The virus won and civilization returned to the dark ages. The city, one of the last human settlements, is on the verge of collapse. Use your agility and fighting skills to survive and reshape the world. Your choices matter.

Will you get any of these discounted titles? Tell us in the comments and tell us your best selling picks!

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